Password Protected Members Only Content

Estate package members can create blog posts, pages including password protected pages. One of the most popular uses for this feature is to create a password protected set of pages for team content, training or anything you'd like behind a password.

The video below goes through in detail how to create pages, add content including galleries/ videos, add links to each of your new pages, set passwords etc. Scroll below the video for bullet-points.

The video above goes in more detail, but here are instructions in brief.

Create a welcome page

  1. Decide how you want to organize your content (one pages or multiple). I will assume creating several pages, with one welcome page.
  2. Create your first page, this will be the landing page for your team content. I recommend keeping this page public, but it's up to you. To add a page hover over "Pages" and click "Add New".
  3. Add content to the page including the Title, click "add row" to add content, set a featured image and excerpt.
  4. If you keep this page Public I recommend giving instructions on how to obtain the password. Under "add row" you can select a contact form.
  5. Publish the Page

Create password protected content pages

  1. Add another page
  2. add a title, add your content, featured image, excerpt
  3. Set a password on the page. Up near the upper right corner of the page by the publish button click "edit" next to the word "visibility". Set a secure password.
  4. Publish the Page
  5. Create for as many password prospected pages as you want.

Create a simple menu to allow visitors to navigate to your different password protected pages.

  1. Go back to your first welcome page, and at the top of the page create text links for each of the new pages you created. In a "wide text" section type the word Welcome, Scripts, Classes for example. Highlight each word, and click the "link" button from the text toolbar and add links to the appropriate pages you've already created.
  2. Copy the text you just created with the links.
  3. Update the page
  4. Go to your other password protected pages and copy the text up at the top of each page.
  5. Update each page

Optionally add your Team welcome page to your main menu. Full menu editing tutorial

  1. From your dashboard hover over "appearance" and select "menus".
  2. Under the Pages section of the menu editor, find the welcome page you created and add it to the menu
  3. Save your menu.

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