Adding Videos to your site

Watch the video, or scroll below for written instructions.

Step 1 - Upload Video to video hosting site

Step 2 - Paste the link into your site

Videos can be added to any text section that has the text control toolbar. Just paste in a basic youtube or vimeo link, and it will automatically become embedded. Don't use <iframe> embed codes, they are not supported.
Typical Places people add videos:

A couple tips on getting better video:

One thing that will make your videos MUCH better will be having good quality sound for your recordings.
Many cameras and all laptops would be able to plugin a microphone ( some cell phones might be able to as well, but I'm not sure which ones)

  • This is an inexpensive but decent lapel mic with a 20ft cord: - it will get good audio of your voice, but will not pick up any other audio in the room (you won't hear people ask questions etc) - this is going to give you the best sound if it's just you who is talking.
  • This is an inexpensive but decent shotgun mic: - it picks up mostly in front, but will pick up some room noise as well...  it would allow people watching your video to hear questions or discussion in the room as long as people were speaking up. This will give you the best sound if you're doing most of the talking, but want to capture a little bit of room sound or questions.
  • This is a GREAT little device that will capture a lot of room audio: - This would be a good device if you wanted to record a group discussion. Everything in the room will get captured equally. This one you would need an audio cord to connect to camera or computer:

If you bought either of the last two mics you would want a little tripod to mount them on. Something like this would work just great:

Obviously a good camera makes a difference too, but as long as people can hear you, they'll put up with not as great video quality : )

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