Using domains

 If you haven't setup your website, click here to do that first - the domain is added later.

The Estate Package has the ability to use a fully custom URL. If you have the sprout or garden package click here to upgrade.

If your domain is registered with here is how to set it up to work with your Essential Oily Life site.

  1. Login in to  and click on Domains, then click on Manage DNS
  2. Select  DNS Zone file ( if you instead see "Records", that's ok, just skip to step 3)
  3. Edit or add an "A" Record. If there is already one, click to edit.
  4. Change A record settings. Our Ip is 
  5. Next create a Cname record so that your domain will work with or without "www" . Most of the time this is already setup for you. If there is already a www cname record like it is shown below we don't need to do anything else. Otherwise, click to "add record" and select Cname from the dropdown.Here are the Cname settings
  6. Once back to the main zone editing page. Make sure to save your settings.
  7. Let us know that you've made the changes and what your domain is. We'll take care of the final steps on our end. 
    1. DNS changes can take up to 48hrs to propagate. Additionally, during the setup phase your domain may resolve to our home page - this is normal and just means that your domain is pointed at our site, but not yet applied to your individual account.

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