Shareable Graphics

Using Shareable Graphics

Quick Tips:

  • You must have a Garden or Estate membership. Click here to upgrade
  • Access "Shareable Graphics" from your site dashboard Admin Menu.
  • Find a graphic that you want and click the download button, or find the "download all" button at the top of the page.
  • The graphics open in a "pop up". You may have to allow pop-ups in your browser. Watch your browser for a warning in the address bar, or at the bottom of the screen. Once you've enabled pop-ups try the download again.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Access the listing of graphics by logging into your site then clicking "Shareable Graphics" from your dashboard admin menu.
  2. Many graphics will include a "download all" button at the top of the post, this will download all graphics into a zipped folder.
    1. To unzip on mobile, go to your app store and search "unzip"
      1. Install the application, open and find where you've saved the zip folder.
      2. Downloading individual images on mobile will not require unzipping
    2. To unzip on PC, download and then right click on the zipped folder. Choose "Extract All"
    3. To unzip on Mac, download and then double click on folder
  3. Each individual graphic will also have a download button. This will download only a single graphic, and will just open in your browser window.
    1. If on mobile, long press on the image and then choose "save image"
    2. If on Windows, right click and save.
    3. If on Mac, Command Click and save.
  4. Graphics that have these "Download" buttons will automatically include your user info on the graphic
    1. The information on the graphic pulls from your user info entered on your Dashboard under "Site Setup"
    2. Each image is also tagged with your site url in its meta data to prevent intentional or unintentional theft.
  5. When you click a "download" button, it will open in a separate window. If you don't see it, make sure to click in your address bar to Enable Pop Ups for the site.
  6. Save the image  to your phone or computer.
    1. Windows – right click on the image and choose save image as.
    2. Mac – Hold control then click on the image. Choose save image as.
    3. Mobile – long press on the image and choose save image as.
  7. Mosts posts will list a blog post URL that goes along with the graphics. You may optionally post them when you share the graphics.
    1. On a computer click and drag your mouse to highlight the url – then (Control + C / Command + C) to copy it
    2. on a mobile device long press on the url, select the text, then choose the copy button.
  8. Go to you social media page or app
    1. Upload the graphic
    2. Optionally, paste in the link
      1. On a computer (control + V / command + V
      2. On a mobile long press in the text box you want to paste into. Choose the paste option that pops up.
  9. Write additional text if you want. Currently on instagram you can’t paste a URL in the caption. You may temporarily change your profile URL to the post URL while you’re featuring the graphic.

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