Automated Email Marketing

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Ways for people to subscribe:

  • Pop-up on a delayed timer
  • Click "Contact" ->  "Email Signup" from main site menu
  • Enter in emails for people you know by clicking "Automated Emails -> Add Subscribers" from your dashboard.
  • Link to the email signup page from your facebook page
  • Have the Email signup page pulled up on a laptop or tablet for classes or events
  • The direct link to the signup page is yoursite/email-signup -- from the main menu look under "contact me" 
    • You can even pre-select specific email series with a query string (substitute in your actual site url including http://):
    • yoursite/email-signup?choose_a_series=Young+Living+members 
    • yoursite/email-signup?choose_a_series=curious+about+essential+oils
    • yoursite/email-signup?choose_a_series=interested+in+business+building

Current email lists include (click to view pdf printouts):

Read more here:

Quick Send Series - If you access the email series from your site dashboard you'll see "quick send" options for most of the email series. These will send out one email per hour instead of the normal one per 3 business days. 

The quick send series are meant to use if you want to send them all to yourself, or if you specifically want to send them to someone all in one day. Unless you've told someone they'll get the whole series in one day, it will look spammy to get that many messages at once. Only use for a specific purpose.

View Subscribers

Once someone signs up ( or you sign them up) they'll receive an invite email where they must click to confirm. Once they confirm their subscription they'll show up under your "reports"

From your site dashboard hover over "Automated Emails" and select "reports" 

Some people have reported they can't  access dashboard sub menus from "Safari" Please use Google Chrome or Firefox

Video Tutorial

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