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  1. Introduction - **Video: adding contacts and sending AutoSeries**
  2. Quick Add Contact + Public Signup Form (Single Contact)
  3. Enabling SMS (Text Messaging)
  4. Sending AutoSeries
  5. Importing / Syncing Contacts **Video: importing from VO, and opting in contacts**
  6. Importing Contacts from other services ( CSV Templates)
  7. Increase your opt-in rates
  8. Editing Your Contacts (Tags, Types, Notes, Personal Info, Deleting)
  9. Sending single or bulk messages ** Video: send bulk messages, bulk auto series, advanced reports and reminders**
  10. Using and Editing Templates
  11. Using Merge Tags in your Messages
  12. Bulk Actions (Sending, inviting, running reports)
  13. Creating custom AutoSeries Drip Campaigns **Video: creating Autoseries**
  14. Creating & receiving reminders
  15. GDPR Compliance
  16. Acceptable Use / Email Submission Policy

** Introduction Start Here **

Beginners and the less tech confident

There is a lot text here... don't panic! The videos are meant to be the primary resource. If you just watch the 10 minute introduction video you will have a good grasp on how to best make the most of our email tools. The tools covered in the first video are easy enough for anyone to use... honestly : ) 

If you're saying to yourself, how can I use this feature with as little of work as possible, I have great news for you! It is super easy to use our pre-built drip campaigns. We have a bunch of great looking pre-built Autoseries drip campaigns to engage and educate with leads and your downline.  Click here to view PDF's of our current AutoSeries drip campaigns. Watch this video for good introduction

Use our pre-built email drip campaigns and you will be doing more followup and education than

Tech Confident and those willing to learn

We've created an awesome tool that will save you a TON of time over mailchimp or setting up your own CRM. You don't have to be tech savvy to use our system, but you will benefit from watching the videos. Spend the 30 minutes and go through the 5 videos on this page. Use the text tutorials as refreshers if you need it.  I know I'm boring to listen to, but by the end you'll be a pro!

Other Features:

  • Import contacts from Virtual Office or Add them one at a time
  • Add contacts to our pre-built AutoSeries drip campaigns
  • Run reports (like money missers, contacts on ER etc)
  • Send bulk messages
  • Add reminders so you remember to followup when it's important
  • View clicks/ open activity for your contacts

   Video 1 - Intro & Quick Add Contacts : 

For basic users, this video is all you need! For intermediate and advanced users, this video is a great foundation and intro to our system

Quick Add Single Contact + Public Signup Form

Quick Add Contact from your site dashboard:

If you don't want to import from Virtual Office, or you just have a few emails to import, "Quick Add" is the way to go!

  1. From the CRM Dashboard, choose "quick add contact"
  2. Fill in the contacts info
  3. You can skip the Invite and do it later, send an invite to an AutoSeries (which will start as soon as they accept), or a generic invite to you list.
Public Signup Forms:
  1. From your site homepage hover over "contact" and then choose "join my email list"
  2. You can share this page on facebook, send it via project broadcast or even through a bulk message from virtual office

Preselect an Autoseries when sharing your public signup form:

Want to pre-select a specific email autoseries campaign? Add the following text, starting with the ?, to the end of your email signup page link

  • Products email series USA: ?email_series=yl-products-usa  
  • Business builder email series USA: ?email_series=business-builder
  • Curious Email USA: ?email_series=curious-usa
  • YL Members USA: ?email_series=yl-101-usa
  • No Autoseries, just signup for your email list: ?email_series=no

Hide the other autoseries options

Let's say you want create a link that preselects a series, and hides all other options? 

Just add &show_email_series=false after the email series


For example, here is our Garden sample email signup page, this link will auto-select the curious series. Make sure you l ink to your own site, not our sample site. Test to make sure your link goes to the right page before you send it out  : )

Enabling SMS (Text Messaging)

  1. From your site dashboard click on CRM -> Settings
  2. Scroll down until you see the SMS section and click to enable

Once Enabled You'll have new options

  • All built in autoseries can be send as email or sms versions
  • all built in monthly newsletters are setup so they can be sent as email or sms versions
  • All concepts in the rest of this tutorial for sending autoseries, sending bulk messages etc are the same for SMS and Email with the following exception
  • SMS contacts do not have to "opt in". Once you've imported a contact with a phone number you can begin sending to them immediately. They will have the chance to opt-out if they like
  • SMS replies will be listed under CRM -> Conversation View which is a chat interface for sending and receiving SMS messages -- You will be notified of replies via a email notification

Sending an Autoseries

This is covered in more detail  in the videos.  Add or send to a single contact | Import contacts in bulk | Send to contacts in bulk

  • If your the contact is not yet part of your list, click "quick add contact" and choose which auto-series you want to include in the opt-in message. They'll get an email asking them to subscribe, and will automatically start the Autoseries drip campaign
  • People can sign themselves up for an Autoseries on your site. From your homepage, hover over "Contact" and choose "Signup for Email List"
  • If your contact is already part of your list, click on "contacts" find the contact you want by using the search box above the list, click on their name, and then click the "send autoseries" button.
  • To send an auto series to a bunch of contacts, Checkout the bulk emailing video above section above.

Click to view PDF printouts of our current autoseries drip campaigns

Editing our pre-built autoseries

You can edit our pre-built autoseries drip campaigns, however, by following these directions you will no longer receive updates to the campaigns as we make them. Unfortunately, you can't customize the series, and still have us keep it updated for you. You can choose if it makes more sense to customize one of our built-in campaigns, or create your own from scratch

  1. Watch the intro video in this tutorial at least, but you'll benefit from all 4 videos
  2. Watch the tutorial on creating your own custom autoseries
  3. Under CRM -> Autoseries click on the autoseries that you want to edit
  4. make your changes and then click "Protect from updates" checkbox next to the update button.
  5. Click update

Video 2 - Importing from Virtual Office and Inviting Contacts to your list 

This video covers all the ways to add contacts to your list including Virtual office CSV import. It also covers the process of getting people opted in, and how to increase your opt-in rates. The video is more comprehensive than the written instructions.

You can import and update your contacts by creating an Export from Young Living Virtual Office or Oily Tools. This may look like a lot of steps, but after you do it once, it'll take you about two minutes! The video above covers this as well

Step 1  Creating an Export file from Virtual Office

  1. Login to Virtual Office
  2. Click on "My Organization"
  3. Click "Reports"
  4. Click "All Accounts" (or personally enrolled if those are the only contacts you want to message)
  5. Click "Customize" and choose "not within organization of" and enter a YL ID to exclude legs that you don't want to message
  6. Click "Download Report"
  7. Click all the boxes
  8. While you're at it, click "Schedule" and have the report sent to you automatically as often as you want 

Step Two (optional)  Cleanup Names and Add Tags

You can fix names and add tags right on the website, but it may be easier in a spreadsheet if you have a lot of contacts

Cleanup Names

*** Names are only imported the very first time, after that we ignore the name field and only update the other YL data. We autodetect and correct names entered like: First Last | Last, First and we fix ALL CAPS names. We can not autodetect  what to do with middle names or initials so you'll need to manually update those***

  1. Open the report in google sheets, excel or another spreadsheet editor like Open Office
  2. Our system will automatically detect the Name field if it is First Last or Last, First. If there is a middle name, middle initial or business name, the whole name field will be placed in the "First Name" field in your CRM
  3. Go through all the name fields and set them to First Last OR Last, First  - remove any unnecessary middle names or middle initials
  4. Save the report as a CSV - do not change any column headers or change the file type
  5. Next time you import contacts into the CRM the name field WILL NOT be updated. Names can only fixed via CSV during the first import, later they must be done one by one inside the CRM

Add Tags

  1. Open the report in google sheets, excel or another spreadsheet editor like Open Office
  2. add a column anywhere in the spreadsheet called: tags (all lowercase)
  3. go through your spreadsheet and fill in the column with one or more tags. For multiple enter them like: tag1,tag2,tag3

Step 3 Import the CSV report

  1. Back to your site dashboard, and under CRM click "import contacts"

  2. Choose your file and click "upload"

  3. Your contacts will import in the background ( it may take awhile depending on the size of your import and server load) You'll get an email once the import is complete

  4. Once import is complete, go to your full contact list. I recommend skipping the "invite new contacts" link on the import page unless you specifically want to send the same message to all of these contacts.

Want to import contacts from a different email list? Just make sure you use the column headers

memberid Firstname Lastname emailaddress

If you don't have Young Living member ID or Last Names for your list, you can leave them blank. Please enter at least a First name and email address.

Step 4 Getting Contacts Opted in to your list

  • Before you can send email messages to a contact they must opt-in to your list! - "Invites" can be generic invites to join your list, or include an autoseries drip campaign that will start automatically once they confirm their subscription
  • Once someone has subscribed to your list, you can send them bulk messages and AutoSeries drip campaigns. They will only need to opt in ONE time. 
  • Once subscribed, additional AutoSeries won't trigger more invites, they'll just start automatically.
  • You can only invite a contact to join your list two times, our system will automatically block further invites to prevent spam complaints.
  1. Click on an individual contacts name and click "Send Invitation"  - choose whether or not to include an AutoSeries drip campaign. If you include an AutoSeries with the invite, it will start as soon as they click to subscribe
  2. Bulk select contacts that have email status "Not Invited" and select "Send Invitation" from from the bulk drop down.

Pro Tips:

  • When working with contacts in bulk, always filter by email status first!
  • If an email shows up as "Unavailable" that is because they have opted out of email contact via their Young Living dashboard. (meaning: they do now have an email listed with their Young Living account)  You can manually add an email for someone by clicking on the contact's name, then the edit button. There you can add in an email address for them.

Import contacts from other services

You can import contacts from other services as long as you have an export file that is saved as CSV. Make sure that your column headings match these formats, or use these files as templates (Click on "File" and choose download -> CSV to get your own copy)

Our email provider requires that we comply with opting-in our contacts. This increases open rates, and decreases spam complaints. If you have a recorded opt-in date for you contacts we may be able to by-pass the opt-in process in our system. Contact Support to find out if you will qualify. Otherwise, you can import, and then invite contacts through our system.

Tips for Increasing Opt-In Rates

  • Sending invites during peak open times (business days between 10-3pm)
  • Don't just send invites from our system. Send the public email signup form via text, post in your business group, or send out a message via virtual office.  Get the link for your public signup form by going to your homepage, hovering over Contact in your main menu, and clicking Email Signup. Copy that pages link, and send it out
  • Here is a sample message you could send via project broadcast or post online, "Hey! I have a new way to get Essential Oils education in your email inbox. ****your email signup page link****  Learn more about all the products YL has to offer with my "interested in YL products" series, or learn the basics of a YL business in my "business builder" series.

    If you'd just like occasional email updates and not to join a series, select "none" on the email signup page."
  • You are limited to TWO invites from inside our system before someone "subscribes". They can still sign themselves up by going to your public signup form.
  • Before you send invites, let people know to watch for your email. Depending on your wording, invites CAN end up in "promotions" folders. If your invites are ending up in spam or promotions folders, ask your contacts to move the messages to their inbox. If your messages are ending up in spam let us know.
  • Create an opt-in incentive - provide a free ebook, access to exclusive content. Here's how

People ask why we require opt-ins...

  1. The law requires that people opt in to receive your marketing emails
  2. People dislike unsolicited marketing emails and will mark them as spam. Getting marked as spam will get our email accounts banned, and will cause all of our messages to get sent to spam folders.
  3. Opt-ins ensure that the majority of the messages we're sending are to opted-in contacts. Sending mail to people who want to receive it increases open and click rates. Email providers see this activity, and are less likely to send our messages to spam folders.
  4. .... so, yes, not everyone will opt into your email list, but the people who do actually want to be contacted by you via email : )  Use all the communication tools at your disposal because they all reach different people.  Historically our open rates for our email campaigns have been 50%-60% which is very high for email marketing, and much much higher than anything you post on social media.

Video 3 - Sending/Creating Bulk and Single Email, Reports, and Filtering

This video covers sending single and bulk messages, bulk AutoSeries drip campaigns, using advanced search and viewing reports

Sending a bulk message written instructions (covered in more detail in video above)

  1. Click on an individual contact and choose "Send" or use "Bulk Actions" as shown above
  2. The first page will allow you to select a message template "Blank Template" is default
  3. Next Create your message 
  4. Message Title is only shown to you for your reference
  5. Enter an email subject
  6. Choose a theme (use "preview" as described below to see what they look like)
  7. Click "Add Row" to build your email
  8. Choose "Wide Text" for a standard text box to work with
  9. Use "Merge Tags" if you're creating a bulk message
  10. Avoid "salesey" language and these spam keywords
  11. Use other modules to easily create great looking messages
  12. click "Preview" in the upper right hand corner to see what your message looks like
  13. Send Immediately, or choose the time you want to send your message

Editing and Using Templates

If you have have a certain message that you'd like to save and send out later, a template could be perfect for you. Templates are used for single messages.

To use an already created template:

  1. Select an individual contact or multiple contacts as described in video 3
  2. Click to Send the Message Choose an available Template or "blank" for an empty screen.
  3. Modify the message contents if you like
  4. Send or schedule the message

To create a new template or edit a previous template

  1. Under the CRM menu click "Templates"
  2. Click "Add New" or click on a previous template to modify it
  3. Create/ modify your message (make sure to use merge tags as described in video 3)
  4. Click "Publish" or "Update" in the upper right hand corner
  5. This template will now be available when sending new single or bulk messages

Editing Your Contacts - Tags, Types, Notes and editing personal info

Editing contacts individually

  • From your CRM Dashboard Click on a Contact
  • From the contact pop-up click "edit" at the very bottom of the window
  • Create custom tags or contact types by clicking the little (+) button next to tag or type
  • Add Notes on your contacts (could be related to a phone call, their favorite product)
  • View your contacts activity (email clicks and opens)
  • Click Update in the upper right hand corner when you're done
  • Our system doesn't allow "deleting" contacts since their subscription records need to be maintained, however, you can hide them from your list. On the contact edit screen Choose "update Archived" to archive a contact and hide it from your main contact list.

Editing contacts in bulk

  • From your contact list select the contacts you want to edit by clicking the check mark to the left of their name (you can only work on one page at a time)
  • From the bulk actions dropdown to the upper left of the contact list select "edit"
  • You may now add tags, update type, and change status to "archived" which is our version of deleting contacts.

Bulk Actions and Working with your Contact list

This is also covered in the Import Video and bulk sending video above

Click to Select individual Contacts, or Click in the upper left hand corner to select all. Then click "Select All entries".

You can also filter and search your contacts in a number of ways, including built in Young Living Reporting. Click "FILTER" to apply, or "VIEW ALL" to clear filters

Once you've selected the contacts you want to work with, choose from the Bulk Actions drop down

Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to dynamically populate your contacts info into a message. This is especially helpful when sending bulk messages or creating an AutoSeries. Rather than saying "hello Sir or Madam" you can Say, "Hi Dan,"

On any message screen, look for the drop down that will show you available merge tags you can use

Recipient Fields are populated by the contact you're sending to where as Site & Sender fields are your information.

eg. a common greeting would be Hi [recipient first_name]

Pro Tip As I described above, Young Living has inconsistent formatting for their name fields,  If you don't do this before importing your contacts, take a few minutes, and go through your contact list and fix your names before sending messages.

Creating an AutoSeries

*** SMS Updates have not been added to the video*** Please watch the video, and view SMS instructions below***

  1. click on "AutoSeries" from the CRM menu and choose "Add New"
  2. Create an autoseries title that conforms with this sentence "I think you'll enjoy my email series that is great for people who are [autoseries]" eg curious about essential oils, Young Living members, business builders etc
  3. Choose a header style (oils header includes bottles on top, and medical disclaimer on the bottom
  4. Click add scheduled action, and choose message
  5. Set message delay for first message as 0 days so that it sends as soon as someone confirms
  6. Fill in SMS message field - Use it as a short introduction. If you choose to send the autoseries as an SMS campaign, the contact will receive the SMS message and then will be provided with a link to view the rest of the message you build next.
  7. Click Add row and create your message. Watch sending/creating video for information on using the builder
  8.  Add more messages - it's typical that subsequent message have 3-7 day delay. However, you could schedule out messages for YL anniversaries or whatever you want. 
  9. Add a reminder if you want to be notified at some point in the campaign. Our pre-built series have a reminder at the end of each autoseries. Use the merge tag [reminder contacts] to print the contacts name into your reminder
  10. Preview your message
  11. Publish Publicly means the message is visible on your websites signup forms
  12. Publish privately means that only you, when you're logged in can add people to this AutoSeries. 


  • Reminders are built in to are pre-created AutoSeries drip campaigns. You'll receive a digest email with info on who as completed different campaigns.
  • You can add a reminder about a specific contact by clicking on their name from the contact list and selecting "reminder"
  • You can choose when your reminders are delivered (daily or weekly), by clicking on "Settings" under the CRM menu


Our Email signup forms and privacy policy are GDPR compliant - if you receive any GDPR related requests, please contact for help in compliance

Acceptable Use / Email Submission Policy

Any complaints, spam reports or failure to follow these guidelines could cause you to lose this feature on your account.

You must have permission to email someone

There is a difference between explicit permission and implied. Just like you don't need explicit permission to call/ email your immediate family or close friends, you probably don't need to explicitly ask if you can send them an email about essential oils. I think a good rule of thumb would be, "If this person thinks it would be weird for me stop by their house, or call them at home on a Sunday evening then I should get their explicit permission".

This can be as simple as, "Hey, can I send you an email series about ____? You'll get an invitation, just click inside the email to join the series" Or "Hey, check out my website, you can sign yourself up short email series"

These series are a way to get great info to people who are busy, who are not on social media, or who can't attend a class... they are not a way to generate leads from people you don't know.

Bulk mailing / lead lists

So, let's say you got yourself a church directory, school directory or some other list of emails, how can you make use of this?

First, send them an email from your personal email account. You can direct them to the public signup form on your site, or you could ask permission to add them to a series.

Sending out bulk emails to random people like this may result in some interest... but at the risk of annoying or angering many others... and is pretty much the definition of spam. "Spam" doesn't speak to the quality of content, it's about sending unsolicited emails. 

Your entire downline

People who are Young Living members probably won't be surprised to get an email about oils, but keep in mind that we have a lot of users, and once you get beyond your personally enrolled you may be overlapping with one of our other users. This will cause confusion for recipients.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us