SMS - Text message marketing

This article assumes you have basic understanding of the contact manager including importing contacts, sending autoseries (drip campaigns), sending bulk messages and working with contacts.

If you haven't yet, please start by watching the 4 tutorials Marked in bold here.

Enabling SMS (Text Messaging)

  1. From your site dashboard click on CRM -> Settings
  2. Scroll down until you see the SMS section and click to enable

Once Enabled You'll have new options

  • All built in autoseries can be send as email or sms versions
  • all built in monthly newsletters are setup so they can be sent as email or sms versions
  • All concepts in the rest of this tutorial for sending autoseries, sending bulk messages etc are the same for SMS and Email with the following exception
  • SMS contacts do not have to "opt in". Once you've imported a contact with a phone number you can begin sending to them immediately. They will have the chance to opt-out if they like
  • SMS replies will be listed under CRM -> Conversation View which is a chat interface for sending and receiving SMS messages -- You will be notified of replies via a email notification

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