Change Your Homepage Photo

Changing your photo is easy!

  • Login to your site dashboard
  • Click on "Pages"
  • Click on the page that says "front" next to it that's your home page (typically "home page style 1" or "home page style 2")
  • Scroll down until you see the current photo - the default is a pile of oil bottles
  • Hover your mouse over the image and you'll see an X in the upper right hand corner - Click the X
  • Now Click the button to upload a new photo
  • On the upload screen click the tab in the upper left to select "Upload Files"
  • Choose an image from your computer or phone (minimum 600px wide)
  • Click in the bottom right hand corner to insert the image
  • Back on the editing screen click "Update" in the upper right hand corner to save your change

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