Post to Instagram Stories from your PC or Mac

Want to be a power user and get your instagram stories posted faster? With this little trick you can use instagram stories from your laptop or desktop computer. Computers have built in support for .ZIP files. Our shareable graphics .zip folders make it easier to download all the graphics from a class at once.

  • Download and install google chrome browser
  • Open google chrome, head over to instagram and login
  • hit ctrl + shit + i  OR Command+Option+i on your mac
This will open up the dev tools window, but don't panic : )
In the upper left hand corner of the dev tools window you will see a little icon that represents a cell phone
  • Click that phone icon, and your browser window will become shaped like a cell phone!
  • Now REFRESH your main browser window where you have instagram loaded.
You will now see that you have options on instagram to upload stories, and make posts like you were on your phone.

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