The Monthly newsletter

We have two version of the monthly newsletter available for our USA Garden and Estate Members

  1. There is a Graphic Version (non editable) that you can upload to Facebook, send a link to via project broadcast or even print. Just login to your Monthly Shareable Graphics to access.
  2. We have an email version included in our Contact Manager. The CRM / Contact manager is available for Garden and Estate members.  To use the template we're assuming that you already have subscribed contacts. 
If you're not yet familiar with using the contact manager, here is the background info you need. If you haven't yet, I'd recommend checking out:
  1. Introduction - **Video: adding contacts and sending AutoSeries**
  2. Importing / Syncing Contacts **Video: importing from VO, and opting in contacts**
  3. Sending single or bulk messages ** Video: send bulk messages, bulk auto series, advanced reports and reminders**
Once you have subscribed contacts using our built in newsletter is easy
  1. From your CRM contact list click the email status drop down above the list, and select "Subscribed" and then filter
  2. click the "select all" checkbox to the left of the the "first name" column
  3. Click the "select all" link that shows above the first name in the contact list
  4. from the Bulk actions drop down click "send message" and click apply
  5. On the next page select the monthly newsletter template and click next
  6. On the next page  view and modify the template to your liking
  7. when you're ready click "send" in the upper right hand corner, or select a date in the future to schedule the message.

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