The Monthly newsletter

We have two version of the monthly newsletter available for our USA Garden and Estate Members

  1. There is a Graphic Version (non editable) that you can upload to Facebook, send a link to via project broadcast or even print. Just login to your Monthly Shareable Graphics to access.
  2. We have an email version included in our Contact Manager. The CRM / Contact manager is available for Garden and Estate members.  

Quick Start Guide for Email / SMS Newsletter

For USA and Canadian member we create a newsletter that can be sent out via email or sms. The rest of this tutorial is full of helpful info, but here are the bullet points to send the newsletter

Preparing and Importing Contacts (once a month)

  1. Run a CSV export from virtual office. Include only contacts you plan on messaging at some point (personally enrolled or legs you manage). Include all data checkboxes YL provides
  2. Optionally open the CSV and remove any middle names  ( Leave Mary Jo Johnson... remove James from Robert James Johnson )
  3. From Dashboard go CRM -> Contacts Choose Import contacts
  4. If you want to send SMS, enable SMS if you haven't yet
  5. For email, if this is your first import or you have new contacts, opt-in your contacts 

Sending the Message

  1. Go to CRM -> Contacts and up above the list choose "create message"
  2. If you want to send via email choose the "All Subscribed (Email)" list.   If you want to send via SMS choose the "All Subscribed (SMS or Email) - best for priority messages" list.
  3. Under Templates choose "monthly newsletter" and click Next
  4. On the next screen you'll choose either Email or the Advanced Messaging Option, and then the "SMS-Priority" sending method
  5. Give your message a title at the top, and customize the message below.  
  6. Click "next" to view summary and then Send!

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