My Oil Marketing Domain Setup

Right now your custom domain is set to forward to your transferred site hosted with However,  that's only a temporary solution, and we need to update your DNS records to work with our server.  Eventually the old myoilsite server will be taken offline, and redirects will stop working.

Don't worry, I'll help!
Option 1 - you make the changes
 If you've made DNS changes before, login to your domain management account and update the A record to point to  - if you use godaddy, here's more instructions: Godaddy Domain setup instructions
Option 2 - Send me your domain login url, username and password using this website: Once you Create the secret link, don't click on it, but just email it to me. I'll make the DNS updates for you
Option 3 - Give me a call at 612-584-0597 and we'll set it up together!

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