Email Opt-In Incentive / Lead Magnet

This article uses our built in CRM ( Contact Manger ) for capturing leads. This features is available for Garden and Estate members.

You've probably been on a website where someone was offering a free E-Book if you opted in to their email list. Well, we already do this on your website for you, and you can customize if you like.

Built in Ebook / Opt-in Incentive

We have created an ebook, and deliver it to your email subscribers as an incentive for them joining your email list. 

How to get the ebook?

All people have to do is signup via the timmed popup on your site or on your email signup page (found under your main menu -> Contact -> Email Signup)

They'll receive a confirmation email, and after clicking the link in the email to subscribe they'll be shown a link to download your ebook.

How to view the ebook?

The ebook is also available on your website without email signup. You can use this page to send to people already on your email list, or to view the ebook yourself. Just go to your homepage, and in the search bar (not product search) at the top of your site type in ebook.

Creating a Custom Opt-In Incentive

I'd recommend being familiar with the CRM  - checkout the tutorials here:  CRM tutorial

  1. Create your offer... This could be an ebook, a graphic, access to a password protected page on your site, a video.
  2. Navigate to CRM -> Settings and Scroll down to the field labeled "Subscription Confirmation success page".
    1. Click on "Add Media" if you'd like to upload a PDF or graphic.
    2. If you'd like to link to another page or site, type out your link title, and then click the link icon in the toolbar.
    3. If you'd like to embed a video, get the public link of a Vimeo or Youtube video and simply paste it into the text box. It will automatically embed itself.
  3. Save your settings at the top of the page
  4. Last we're going to describe our offer to people
    1. You could simply tell people on facebook that if they subscribe to your email list they'll receive XXXX - Send them a link to your public signup form which you can find under "contact" -> "Join My Email List" in the main menu when looking at your homepage
    2. (Estate Members) You can create a custom landing page for your offer by creating a custom blog post or page. When creating content there is an option for adding a signup form. You can use the signup form for people to join a specific drop campaign, or choose "none" if you just want them to opt in to your list. If you're not sure how to create a page, check out this tutorial: Creating a Custom Page
  5. Text - go through the process of signing up, opting in, and receiving your offer - if everything works you're ready to share and promote
  6. Share and Promote - Get your information out there and build that email list! You could post on facebook, run a facebook ad, send out your offer on project broadcast, mention it when sending opt-in invitations via the CRM.

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