Event Calendar + RSVPs

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  1. Basic intro Video
  2. Adding Events
  3. Adding Event Link to your Menu
  4. Changing Default View between "list" and "Calendar"
  5. Syncing a facebook calendar to your site.
  6. Collecting RSVP's

Intro Video

Adding a New Event

  1. Login to your Dashboard
  2. Click "Events" from your admin menu and "Add New"
  3. Fill in the important info
    1. Event Title and Details go in the big box
    2. Time and Date 
    3. Location - enter in a location if people are supposed to attend in person
    4. Organizers - you can add contact information for whoever is hosting
    5. Event Website - This could be a facebook event, or a link to a paid ticketing service like Event Bright
    6. Cost - Leave blank and it won't show
  4. On the Right hand side of the screen are some options
  5. Make sure to choose a featured image, which will show up in your list of events, and also if you share the event link on facebook 
  6. Once you're finished click "Publish" in the upper right of your screen

  1. From your site Dashboard click on "Pages"
  2. find the page that is titled "Events" 
  3. Click on it to Edit
  4. Click in the upper right of the edit screen to "Publish" - this will add the link to your menu 

Display Events List or Calendar View

When someone clicks your "Events" link, you can either have the shown a list of upcoming events, or a calendar. Here is how to change the default.

  1. From your admin dashboard click on "Events" and then "Settings" 
  2. Scroll down until you see "Default View" and choose between List, Month, or Day 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and save your settings

Importing a Facebook Calendar

  1. From your site dashboard click on Events and choose "import"
  2. Choose your import origin
  3. Choose your Import type - choose scheduled if you want it to sync automatically
  4. Choose Schedule - Pick Once a day or Once a week - We pay for each sync, so please do not sync more frequently than once per day. 
  5.  Put in your Calendar URL - this can be any publically accessible calendar - Facebook Business Page, Personal Page, or public Group  - Hit Preview 
  6. If all looks good, click Save Scheduled Import

Collecting RSVPs

You can collect RSVP through the event on your website - If you choose this option, your event will be listed as FREE. If you want to collect money for your events, I recommend using event bright or another paid ticketing service. You can list the events on your site, and then include the event bright link as the URL for the event.

  1. On the event editing screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "Tickets" - add an image, and then click "add new ticket"
  2. Fill in ticket details 
  3.  When you view your event you'll now have a Confirm RSVP button. If someone RSVPs they'll get an email with event details 

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