Message Credits

When you send text messages or emails they cost "credits". 

  • SMS - each 140 characters count as a message part. Maximum 10 parts or 1400 characters. SMS currently costs 1 credit
  • MMS - maximum 1400 characters a 5mb of attachments (typically 3-5 small images max). MMS currently cost 3 credits
  • Advanced Message - By default they are normal SMS unless you add a multimedia attachment. The webview portion of the message does not impact the charge.... Best practice here is to have  a short catchy sms message with most of your text and photos in the webview portion.
  • Email - We don't limit the length of your emails, but many Email services will hide extra long messages. If you can't stick to under 300-500 words consider making a video and adding the link to your email instead. Emails cost .05 credits... or 20 emails per 1 credit

How much do credits costs if I need more? Currently credits cost $.01 of 100 credits for $1.00 USD. Purchase more here

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