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This feature is only available for Estate memberships or higher.

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⚠️You can ignore the the instructions to setup the cart & shop pages clicking under "Status". This step has been done automatically for you:

To Enable WooCommerce

  • Login to your site dashboard
  • Click on "Site Setup"
  • Click "Enable Features"
  • Enable WooCommerce
  • Click "Update" in the upper right hand corner of the editing screen.

YL Compliance

Since we are a third party resource we can't speak on behalf of YL. Familiarize yourself with YL policies and procedures since it does have some info that may apply to you here. Here is the 2018 version for the US
In practice It appears that as long as you keep your products on separate sections of your website from YL products, and don't use trademarks in your products you should have no issues. However, checkout P&P, and ask customer service or your upline for more guidance. You're responsible for maintaining compliance for any custom content that you add to your site : )

Selling Tangible Products

Amazon Affiliate Store

If you're not yet an amazon affiliate, you can do that here:  https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

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