How do people purchase through my site?

Anytime someone clicks a signup, become a member, or single product link on your site it includes your member ID. Young Living moved the sponsor / enroller fields to the second page of the checkout process.

If you're logged into your own Young Living account, it wont work because Young Living already knows you're a member.

To test:

  1. open a browser window on your computer and click the browsers menu in the upper right hand corner. Choose new private/ incognito window.On Mobile  browsers look for "private" options when you open a new tab
  2. Go to your website
  3. Click a become a member / get started / signup button. Every homepage has one, every starter kit page, and every single product page as well (under your main menu click Products -> Get Started)
  4. Go through the YL checkout process until you get to the second page where it asks for Sponsor / Enroller information. Your member ID will be pre-filled in.

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