Embed Sway Links on your site

You can embed your sway links into any text section on your site that has the text toolbar shown at the top.

For example, the "additional custom area" text on your homepage, or any text section when creating a custom blog post or page. 


  1. Open your sway, click "share" in the upper right hand corner, and copy the standard link (not the embed code).
  2. Create a new Custom Blog Post or page: How to Create a Blog Post or Page
  3. Click "add row" -> "Wide Text"
  4. Enter the code: [sway link="XXXXXXXXX"]
  5. replace the XXXX with your sway's link. The end result will look like this: [sway link="https://sway.office.com/a1LudDpQ4jYBaqz3?ref=Link&loc=play"]
  6. Make sure to keep the quotes around your link as shown in the example above
When you "preview" the page, you will see an sway error, but when you publish the page it should properly show your sway right on your page.

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