Opening .zip files on mobile device

We deliver our class download in .zip files because it means you only have to download ONE file. However, on most mobile devices ( android, iphone, chromebooks) you'll need to download a special app to open and work with .zip folders.

IOS ( Iphones / Ipads )

open .zip on ios 

Once the files are unzipped you can share them to social media or message them to people


Open .zip on android

Once the file downloads it will open automatically in the app.

From here click on a single image, or  select all by clicking the little box 

Next hit the three dots menu

Then choose "Send" This will open the normal android share window where you can post to facebook, instagram, send via text message etc. 

You can get back to these files by opening the app, and navigating to your "downloads" folder, then looking for the shareable graphics download

Optional - Unzip all files 

If you want you can even "unzip" the files and then they'll show up in the google photos app.

Select all the images by clicking the box at the top

Click the "unzip" button

Choose a location for the files, "downloads" will probably be the default which is fine.


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