Customize Colors, Fonts and homepage layouts

All site levels can change their color scheme and font choices whenever they like!

Main styling elements are broken up into a few different places.

Changing your homepage style and layout

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. click on "Site Setup" from the left hand menu
  3. Click on the "homepage" 
  4. Choose the "homepage style" section.
  5. Click on one of the different homepage options  and then click "update" in the upper right hand corner to save your changes
  6. On the "homepage" tab, there are different sections to customize. Click on each section, fill in the empty boxes, and click "update" to save your changes.
  7. You can also update the background / header image for your site. Just look for The "Background Image" section on the homepage customization screen.
  8. Click the "view homepage" button at the top of the homepage section to view your changes

Changing Colors

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. Hover over the word "Appearance" and choose "Colors & Fonts" from the sub menu
  3. On the colors tab choose a color scheme or click the toggle to Customize.
  4. There are several toggles at the top of the colors section that will change how the colors are laid out on the site. 
  5. Once you've made your selection, click "update" to save your changes. 
  6. Click the "view homepage" button to see the changes you've made.

Choosing custom Colors

  • To choose custom color follow the instructions above for changing colors, and choose the "custom colors" toggle at the top of the page.
  • If you'd like to modify a pre-built theme, choose the pre-built theme first, click "update" and then click the "custom colors" toggle.
  • The "primary color" is used for headings and buttons. There are a few buttons and headings on the site that are designed to overlay a colored or photo background. In general they are white, and will not follow your color scheme. This color should be dark enough to easily read. Remember, not everyone's screen or eyes are as good as yours : ) Err on the side of high contrast.
  • The "secondary color" is used for the header of the site and the main menu. The toggles at the top of the color scheme page will change if the secondary color is used for a background or font color in the header and menu. The color is used for main menu and needs to be easily read. 
  • The "accent color" is use for style elements throughout the site, but primary on the homepages. Some homepage styles may not take advantage of the accent color. This color is not used for any fonts, but it should contrast somewhat against the primary color. There are some style elements where the primary color is overlayed on top of an accent color element.
  • The "body font" color is used as the main paragraph font color. This is not a place to get creative, colorful body fonts can make your site appear very out of style or hard to read. Choose a very dark color like black, dark blue, dark brown, dark gray. You can't go wrong with black : )

Choosing Fonts

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. Hover over the word "Appearance" and choose "Colors & Fonts" from the sub menu
  3. Click on the "fonts" tab
  4. Each graphic represents a header and body font pair
  5. The available fonts represent a variety of styles picked by a graphic designer. They are web friendly, stylish and easy to read.
  6. Choose the toggle at the top of the fonts page if you'd like your headers to be in all caps. This is a style preference, and with certain fonts can look striking. 
  7. After making your choice, click "update" in the upper right of the screen.

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