Web Traffic Statistics

Your site has built in google analytics traffic stats. Use your traffic stats to help improve what you post, when you post and learning the type of content that is most interesting to people. In general google analytics under reports visits rather than over reporting.

Remember: One visit from the right person = a new signup. 50 visits from your cross line team doesn't mean much. Use the stats as a guide, but the number of visits aren't everything. 

A small personal example: with our photography company we had a photo go viral -perhaps viewed by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It was featured on Good Morning America and the front of major websites like msn.com, buzzfeed, reddit. The only discernable benefit after days of non-stop working with news outlets, and doing interviews was a $160 royalty check. 

The lesson: work to get the right content in front of the right people... don't worry too much about getting lots of views.

There are two spots to view statistics:

  1. From your site dashboard there is widget below the welcome message
  2. From your site dashboard hover your mouse over "Dashboard" in the upper left of the screen. Then click "statistics". This page has more details.

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