Effectively Using Social Media

We all know that to get people interested in oils we have to live our lives out loud. How can your new website help you with that? Here are a few tips on using social media more effectively:

There is a LOT content built into your website. Spend time getting to know what's available, and think about what will appeal to different types of people you know.

  1. People use social media to be entertained and because they're bored : )
    1. Use titles that are catchy, tell a story, add in your own photo and then slip in a link. You don't have to use the default preview title and photo that facebook pulls in from your site.
  2. Utilize our shareable graphics - we have a bunch of fun, eye catching graphics that each tell a story. They're great for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. (Garden/Estate Members Only)
  3. People don't want to feel like they're being marketed to. If your facebook feed is silent except your once a week post of  "Check out this starter kit" you will quickly be ignored.
  4. In network marketing everyone is a potential client. Remember, that when you make that controversial political comment all your "potentials" are reading that too.
  5. Multiply your efforts and build discipline with automated posting tools like hootsuite.
    1. We purposefully do not offer automatic social media posting. We want you to understand and believe in the content you post. Tools like hootsuite allow you to fully customize your posts, but still schedule things out in advance so you can be more consistent and effective.
  6. Consider your audience - not everyone is interested in the same things. Some of your followers are religious, some are new parents, some love their pets and some think essential oils are hocus pocus. Stay true to yourself, but remember who's listening.
  7. Watch your traffic. Your website includes traffic stats and information right on your dashboard. Pay attention to what types of titles, content and photos do well.... and then do more of that : )

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