My Team page

The Team page is available for Garden and Estate members.

There is not a hard limit on how many Team members you add, the page will load fine with 30 or more. It looks best if you have at least 3 Team members, but that isn't required.

Enable and Add Team Page to Main Menu

The my  team will not be visible in your menu until you Enable and Publish it

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. Click on the "Site Setup" in the main admin menu on the left
  3. Click on the "Enable Features" tab and enable the Team Page
  4. Once enabled you'll see a "Team Page" tab show on the Site Setup screen.
  5. On the Team Page tab, you can choose to "Publish" the page with the toggle at the top of the page
  6. Add Team members, or modify the sample ones included.
  7. Click "Update" to the upper right of the Site Setup edit window
  8. The Team page is displayed in your menu under the "About Me" drop down. You can move where it displays in your menu - checkout the tutorial on editing your menu

Add or Delete a Team Member

Follow instructions above to Enable the Team Page, and access the edit screen.

You'll start with three sample team members. You can edit the information that is already there or delete the sample and start fresh.

To delete a team member put your mouse on the right - center of a member section. You'll see a small button that turns red and says "remove row"

To add a new team member you can either click the small + button at the top right corner of a team member section to add a new team member above the current one. To add a new team member at the bottom. Scroll down, until you see the "add team member button"

Re-order Team members

To re-order your team members you can drag and drop the team member sections. Click and drag on the number on the left hand side of the team members section to re-order.

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