Pre-Select Autoseries from Email Signup Page

Preselect an Autoseries when sharing your public signup form:

Want to pre-select a specific email autoseries campaign? Add the following text, starting with the ?, to the end of your email signup page link. From your site homepage hover over "Contact" and choose "Email Signup". Take the URL of that page, and add the following to the end of that URL.

  • Products email series USA: ?email_series=yl-products-usa  
  • Business builder email series USA: ?email_series=business-builder
  • Curious Email USA: ?email_series=curious-usa
  • YL Members USA: ?email_series=yl-101-usa
  • No Autoseries, just signup for your email list: ?email_series=no

Hide the other autoseries options

Let's say you want create a link that preselects a series, and hides all other options? 

Just add &show_email_series=false after the email series


For example, here is our Garden sample email signup page, this link will auto-select the curious series. Make sure you l ink to your own site, not our sample site. Test to make sure your link goes to the right page before you send it out  : )

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